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The Tekno Bag features a massive length, measuring 95cm (37.4 inches), it fits even long fins. This bag is ruggedly designed out of PVC, it has a large top opening and straps to wear over shoulders. Zipper pockets on top flap and mesh zipper pocket on inside of flap as well as two end mesh pockets to keep all your gear organized.

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Adjustable shoulders straps
Rugged PVC material
Large opening
Lots of extra pockets
Carrying straps on both sides of bag
95cm x 38-42cm (37.40” x 14.9”- 16.5” inches)

Omer’s brand recognized as the worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of innovative, quality spearfishing and free diving equipment and distributed in over 70 countries. Through passion, innovation, and unwavering commitment to excellence, Omersub and Sporasub are the most trusted brands by spearfishing and free diving enthusiasts.

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