Molchanovs Bifins CS1 with Custom Foot Pockets

Molchanovs Bifins CS1 with Custom Foot Pockets

מחיר אילת: 2,600-2,760

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From Molchanovs website:

"We are proud to offer our new, top of the line carbon bifins – the Molchanovs Bifins CS1 with Custom Foot Pockets.

We start with our 100% carbon fiber Molchanovs C1 Blades; handmade using vacuum infusion – a more expensive and time-consuming process but one that produces a higher carbon fibre-to-resin ratio in a thinner, lighter and more responsive blade. This result is a blade with amazing feel yet is powerful enough to set multiple world records.

We then marry these blades to our custom sport foot pockets. Our customization process takes into account key measurement points of your feet, to ensure that they fit your feet snugly. The open heel is designed for maximum agility while ensuring optimum energy transfer for the conservation of energy (we also have a closed heel design available).

The result is the best performing bifins available anywhere!

Our Molchanovs Bifins CS1 come in three different stiffness levels in a variety of blade and accent colors.

Care instructions: rinse your fins under fresh water after pool or saltwater sessions to prevent a buildup of chlorine or salt crystals. Please note that custom products are made to order and take 6-8 weeks to be delivered".

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