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Tsalul (lucid) is a freediving school in Eilat. The courses and training are delivered by Asaf Bandel, a freediving instructor of Apnea International, a free diving organization.

אסף בנדל

“My name is Asaf Bandel, I live, learn and teach in Eilat. From the age of 14, I have been diving with tanks until I was exposed to the world of freediving, through a diving course I underwent with Alon Rivkind. Since then I continued to practice, to deepen and discover the freediving experience of the qualities in which I met fascinating friends and discovered new depths. As part of my training, I learned how to dive at a depth of 50 meters with a pair of fins. Over time, I underwent additional courses and was certified as a freediving instructor. Today I strive to share the knowledge and experience I have accumulated over the years, and continue to study and teach”.

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