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צוללים חופשיים מתכוננים לצלילה

A freediving course is the best way to enter and deepen the world of free diving. The course provides theoretical knowledge about the physiological processes during the dive, and practical knowledge, such as a technique of breath holding, equalization, correct movement in water, safety rules, suitable equipment, and  practical training.

The course allows the diver to continue the training on his own, to improve the diving time and depth, and to connect to the sea and to the inner experience.

Tsalul's courses:

Introductory course

A first introduction to the world of free diving, breathing and sea training. This is the first day of the first stage course.

1 day course

Maximum depth: 10 meters
Price: 750₪

Stage A Course

The first stage course is designed to provide basic knowledge of the various free diving categories, the important rules of behavior and the safest way to perform freediving, while allowing for rapid improvement.

3 days course
Maximum depth: 20 meters.

Price: 1,300₪

Stage A Divided Course

Want to dive but busy? Do not you have time to breathe? You can not take three days off or do not you want to? A divided course is the solution for you!

The course is divided to short sessions, one training a week, and is spread over five weeks.

The course includes five practical exercises, and two evening theory classes. The weekly training day according to the convenience of the course.

5 weeks course – 1 training per week
Maximum depth: 20 meters.

Price: 1,300₪

Stage B Course

The course is designed to improve the knowledge acquired in the first stage course. The course deals with the physiology of the human body, how it responds to freediving,  advanced breathing techniques to improve relaxation, and advenced equalization techniques.

3 days course
Maximum depth: 30 meters.
Price: 1,600₪

Comming soon – Stage C Course

This course is designed to enhance knowledge in the more advanced aspects of freediving. The course will discuss deep freediving techniques such as advanced equalization, mouthfill, empty lungs dives and variable weights.

4 days course
Maximum depth: 40 meters.

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