Israeli and World freediving records


Here is a list of free diving records in different disciplines.

Every time we think the humanity has reached its limits, someone comes and teaches us there is much more in us , more over  we can imagine …

The data are based on the official records of AIDA, CMAS & Guinness organizations.

Last updated: Nisan 5769 (4.2019)

Constant Weights CWT

World Record130 M107 M
AthleteAlexey MolchanovAlessia Zecchini
Israeli record87 M51 M
AthleteAlon RivkindVered Dekel

Alexey Molchanov CWT 130M:

Alon rivkind CWT 87M:

Free Immersion FIM

World Record125 M96 M
AthleteAlexey MolchanovSayuri Kinoshita
Israeli record83 M50 M
AthleteYaron HooryRoni Gohar

Alexey Molchanov FIM 125M:

Constant Weight Without Fins CNF

World Record102 M73 M
AthleteWilliam TrubridgeAlessia Zecchini
Israeli record65 M23 M
AthleteEran GiladSara Willner

William Trubridge CNF 102M:

Variable weight VWT

World Record146 M130 M
AthleteStavros KastrinakisNanja van den Broek
Israeli record120 M 
AthleteAlon Rivkind 

Stavros Kastrinakis VWT146M:

Alon rivkind VWT 120M:

No Limits NLT

World Record253 M160 M
AthleteHerbert NitschTanya Streeter

Herbert Nitsch NLT 253M:

Static Apnea STA

World Record*11:54  min9:02 min
AthleteBranko PetrovićNatalia Molchanova
Israeli record6:27 min4:49 min
AthleteNir FoxBebe Zachor

* Branko’s personal record is 12:11, this record was not recognized as an official world record due to the lack of presence of level A judge.

Branko Petrović STA 11:54min:

O2 Static Apnea STA-O2

World RecordAthleteDate
24:03 minAleix Segura28.2.16

Aleix Segura STA-O2 24:03min:

Dynamic With Fins DYN

World Record300 M250 M
AthleteGiorgos Panagiotakis,
Mateusz Malina, Arthur Guérin-Boëri
Alessia Zecchini
Date3.7.16, 11.6.1611.6.16
Israeli record200 M100 M
AthleteAlon RivkindRoni Gohar

Giorgos Panagiotakis DYN 300M:

Alon rivkind DYN 200M:

Dynamic Without Fins DNF

World Record244 M191 M
AthleteMateusz MalinaMagdalena Solich
Israeli record129 M83 M
AthleteAlex GeyznerBebe Zachor

Mateusz Malina DNF 244M:

Alon rivkind DNF 125M:

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