Stage A – Freediving course

The Stage A course is aimed to provide basic knowledge of the different freediving categories, the important rules of behavior and the safest way to perform freediving while allowing the fastest improvement.

Duration: two and a half days.

Max depth: 20m

Price: 1500₪

The course includes:

2-4 Theory sessions (2-4 hours a day)

2 open water dives (Max’ 20m)

1 dynamic session (wet). 

1 static session.

To enroll in the Stage A course the applicant must:

Be 16 years old or over (Under 18 with a written & approved letter from parents)

Be able to swim 200m without fins, non-stop in less than 8 minutes

Be able to sustain themselves for 10 minutes in the water without fins

Be healthy.

The subjects covered in the course:

  • The basic principals of FreeDiving.
  • Breathing techniques – Breathing, Hyper, Hypo & Proper Ventilation.
  • Breathing as a preparation for a dive or a static breath hold.
  • 11 basic safety rules.
  • Effects of the water environment on the diver – depth, pressure, altered sense perception.
  • Physiology of FreeDiving – Air spaces, Breathing, cardio-vascular/respiratory system.
  • Equalisation techniques – Valsalva (mentioning of frenzel)
  • Technique – duck dive, foot work, turns.
  • Equipment for FreeDiving.
  • Improving breath hold.
  • Relaxation for FreeDiving.
  • Basics of FreeDiving emergencies (emphasis on shallow water blackout & samba) and the proper response.
  • Basic Nutrition for good performance.
  • Stretching for FreeDiving

The price includes full equipment, training photography and Apnea International certification.

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