What is freediving?


In recent years, a new-old sport has been developing all over the world: Freediving. This is a unique way to dive by holding your breath and without using compressed air tanks.

In fact, freediving is the most ancient and natural way in which people have always used for diving, and today it is used as a hobby, for spearfishing and as a sportive activity.

How long and how deep can you dive without air tanks? Surprisingly, in a freediving it is possible to dive for long minutes and reach a great depth, such as scuba diving and more. We do this by using a technique of breathing and proper movement, relaxation and stress reliefing, so that the body’s oxygen consumption can be reduced, and hold breathing time and stay under water can be extended.

Freediving places great emphasis on safety rules, in order to create a safe and enjoyable experience.

The evolving culture of free divers promotes a healthy lifestyle by improving breathing ability, flexibility, awareness to the body and proper nutrition.

Unlike the scuba diving, in which the air bubbles keeps away the animals, in  freediving the diver harmonize with the underwater nature and gets a close meeting with it.

The free diver is also free in other ways: it does not depend on diving clubs or refresh divings, which cheapens the hobby, and does not need to be carried with clumsy equipment and heavy tanks.

And beyond all, freediving is a completely different experience than anything you’ve ever known: it combines both relaxation and challenge, and mostly fun.

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