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What is free diving?

In recent years, a new-old sport has been developing all over the world: Freediving. This is a unique way to dive by holding your breath and without using compressed air tanks.


Freediving Courses & Trainnings

Introductory course
Introductory course
A first introduction to the world of free diving, breathing and sea training. This is the first day of the first stage course.
Stage A Course
Stage A Course
The first stage course is designed to provide basic knowledge of the various free diving categories, the important rules of behavior and the safest way to perform freediving, while allowing for rapid improvement.
Stage B Course
Stage B Course
The course is designed to improve the knowledge acquired in the first stage course. The course deals with the physiology of the human body, how it responds to freediving, advanced breathing techniques to improve relaxation, and advenced equalization techniques.
Stage C course
Stage C course
This course is designed to enhance knowledge in the more advanced aspects of freediving. The course will discuss deep freediving techniques such as advanced equalization, mouthfill, empty lungs dives and variable weights.
 New - Divided Course
New - Divided Course
Want to dive but busy? Do not you have time to breathe? A divided course is the solution for you!
Introductory dive
Introductory dive
An introductory dive is a way for an initial encounter with free diving. For two and a half hours we will get to know the world of freediving and experience one breath diving.

Apnea International

Apnea International is an international free diving organization operating in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Thailand, Israel and other countries.
Each freediving course at "Tsalul" is conducted according to the content and standards of Apnea International. Each student enrolled in the organization's website, receives the theoretical material and is finally certified by the organization.

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אודות צָלוּל

Tsalul (lucid) is a free diving school in Eilat. The courses and training & trips are delivered by Asaf Bandel, and other freediving instructors.

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